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Benifits of having custom domain

Types of Website and traffic

If you are running your own website, blog or landing page but not getting traffic, so many people will say you need to learn SEO but before learning SEO you need to learn about different types of traffic one could get and how to attract them. There are mainly 6 six types of traffic that can be achieved cleanly, here are they: 1.Organic Traffic: The only way to achieve this type of traffic known till date is SEO(Search Engine Optimization). Organic Traffic can be derived by optimizing your site in accordance to SEO by using many free SEO tools available across the Internet. There are many SEO company which can optimize your site in exchange of some money, or you can search the term ‘SEO Google’ or ‘SEO Tools’ on YouTube or Google search. You can use Google Analytics as a website analyser to get analytics of your site so that you can better understand your users. Keywords plays a crucial role to get Organic Traffic. There are many free keywords finder or keyword research tools like Keywo…